Do u/they really care ?!? Anything and everything

These days everbody is busy with their life. Most people are active on facebook and other social media's.
But i think that many people dont really talk 2 each other anymore. We just like eacg others status.
I seen people like sad status. Im like really u like the idea that somebody is sad and have a not happy status?
Por example somebody in my facebook: Her dad is sick and need suregey today.
There was many likes for the status. Why do people like something like this.
Why cant't they just say im sorry for ur dad, wish him luck or something??

I think that people dont really express how they really think and/or feel anymore.
Why is that? Are we really 2 busy 2 type some words or we dont really care??

And sometimes people ask u how u doing? I wonder if they really wanna know how u doing?
Or is it just a standard question?
Do they really have the time 2 listen 2 you if u not doing fine?

Im a the only one who think about these things? 😃 :blink

Ps. I needed 2 get this out of my systeem


You´re not the only one thinking obout this...
But for most people to like a post is much easier than to write it or they just think that if they write something they will get involved in the problems of this person. Most people think the have enough trouble in they own life and don´t want to listen to other peoples problems. Or like you said it: they don´t really care...
I don´t really like that question "How you doing?". It´s such a basic question that people often answer with a lie.. They because they think it won´t be intersting for this person or this person won´t understand if I say it to him/her. This is just a standard question everybody asks, like "What are you doing?"...
Sad but true..
That´s only my opinion to that topic. Other people might think anouther way about it//

I think you can just get out of this if other people do that , too

Sad, but true.
People get each others feelings less and less. We're all way too busy with ourselves.
I really hate the question "How are you?", but it's always an easy question. Sometimes people ask it out of politeness. And sometimes there's just nothing else to talk about, I guess. It's just kind of standard to answer with "fine"
But I don't agree on what you say about the sad posts. I think liking that post is not because you like that someones dad is sick or something, but you want to give some respect. And yes, maybe it's better to give a reaction, but sometimes you don't know someone that well to give a reaction on the post, but when you like it, you show them that you've read it and you care (at least, that's what I mean if I do that xd)
But I hope there will come a time where not everyone is only on their phone or on social media, but they really talk to each other. I'm afraid it won't...

I don´t think this time will come ever again...
If I look at the fifth graders in my school the don´t even talk to each other directly!!! Everyone is on his/her phone...

I didn't read your comments to this. But I just want to say...or ask, however:
Why I do it, I mean being on social networks and so on. I always get angry about this fact and ask myself why I do it wether this?

But to the thing with answering real to the question "How are you doing?" ..When I write with persons I know well, I hope always for a real longer answer. Cause I also answer like how I feel. But with foreigners (it is for many persons the case to have on fb a thousand friends..proud to say for me not) for sure "How are you?" is like a saying..But in general I hate such set phrases and small talk...

That is why I prefer letters. Yes. That was all I wanted to tell more or less you all or maybe I just commented to satisfy my mind and express what is thrilling around in my mind.



Thanks everybody 4 the comments above. What Tess said: that liking a status is a way of showing respect. I have 2 say i didnt think about it this way before. Im glad u say it. It makes me think and i think u can be right about this. But its still a shame that people doesn't really communicate anymore. I hope 2 find some penpal friends over here 2 really communicate by writing letters 2 each others.


I dont know if this forum here is already closed but i want to say something too!!🙂 I read all of your comments and sometimes i agree and sometimes not.
I for myself just want to say that you cant say that there is no real communication anymore cause that would mean that you are kind of out of friends (to my mind). If i think about the topic social media i would say it is a form for keeping in touch(normally) and not just a thing where you can post something for the others and they will like it or not...
I know that all of us is using media and often there are situations where you are hanging on the phone while meeting someone but to my mind people are able to be sensitive for the other persons besides that...
Okay whatever i guess i just wanted to say that there is still communication there and not everything what people write each other has to be a lie! 🙂
Okay Greetings and i hope it was okay that i wrote something here 😉

Interesting comments everyone. But I feel this is not just social media, it happens in real life too. You will not be concerned until it hits you home, until its personal. You will feel sympathy in real life cos its happening in front of you , but even then people forget, life moves on. I don't think there has been a time in history where people would have cared. It could have been that since many people used to have huge families before, they would have to be concerned about others cos they lived near them(proximity). And this is what I feel sad about too. Many of the people start to feel that we should just lie cos they guy talking to here or girl would not want to listen to them. I have been on the recieiving end of many such answers. I have had to force answers out of many people and in the end it turns out caring for someone is hard too 😃 especially if its a penpal online or someone you know on fb Unless you know them personally or something, some people who try to care end up getting answers which are not the truth and everyone starts to realise they need to control the amount of caring they do for others. I wanted to know how people were doing but unless that person knows me super well, they will not give a true response. Both sides have become quite problematic, the ones telling and the ones listening. The one telling his / her feeling is afraid the other person is not interested, and the one listening is thinking that will he/she tell me how she is really feeling or try to avoid the subject. Social media has just brought a new level but hasnt changed conversations. People have been able to hide their feelings even when u meet them face to face. Some people can be easily read others cannot. With social media, it gets virtually impossible to understand anyone cos you have no clues to understand how they feel except their words 🙂 Some people try very hard to care, ofcourse they end up in a place where people around them dont understand their caring 🙂 It all depends on the individual 🙂 If you feel you can help out a person , go ahead for sure.

Another point I want to make is about the idea of grabbing attention. Ofcourse in this case its genuine that the girls father needs surgery. But people treat it like many other statuses which have got their attention. For example someone getting a good job or something. Do you realise why facebook added so many different types of likes. They noticed, people comment less like more. So to show their emotion though likes, they added like, love, smile etc. Facebook knows its audience isnt into communication(written words).