Hi everyone, my name in Conor and Im 17. I am currently TRYING to plan a trip to Holland/Netherlands by myself. Partly because i need a break and partly due to see sights, but mostly because of someone who i met on here who is just awesome, awesome enough to visit 🙂 He/She live in zetten and i want stay in wageningen.

I posted on here today to see if anyone could help me plan my holiday (flights,airport travel, living arrangements) and to give me suggestions on where to go and how to do it.

Plan so far is to get a plane to einhoven, then bus/train/taxi to wageningen, and stay in a bnb there.

If someone so happens to live near where im planning on going who wouldnt mind a penpal/uk person staying, I will pay you a fair enough sum of money for it and would be much appreciated, and hey, i could give you a place to stay if you want to go to wales.

I will appreciate all the help i am given.

Thank you