Where are you going during your holiday ? Anything and everything

Hi there ! Holiday are coming ! Where are you going during your holiday ?
Me i will go in Switzerland. During my trip, i will be guided by two Swiss from their country that i known by a website similair to penpal gate. In all case, it could be a great experience.

Don't hesitate to send some photos of your holiday 😉

The holiday you are talking about is mostly only for people who are still going to school, people who have jobs mostly just keep working around the summer (besides people with young kids or people who got a few weeks off from work). My 'holiday' will be the same as my usual weeks, to be honest even if I had a real summer holiday I would still do the same as always.

But going to Switzerland sounds nice, going there after the summer holiday, the time when everyone is back home and it's less expensive.

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To barcelona, Spain *-*