Do you have a place to sleep? Anything and everything

Hello my friends,

My name is Eva, I am 21 years old and live in Belgium.
I've been a member on penpalgate since 3 years, and I've met a lot of nice people here.

Now I am asking your help, I hope I can find someone who's willing to help me.
My friend and I are planning to make a roadtrip next summer (July - August).
We will be travelling in Western Europe: the North of France, the Isle of Jersey, the West coast of France, the Pyrenées, the North of Spain, the South coast of France, the North of Italy and West Switzerland.
We don't have a lot of money, so most of the time we will sleep in our car. But I was wondering of any of my friends here on penpalgate has got a place to sleep for me and my friend. We will only stay for one night, so you don't have to organise anything special. We would be so happy with just a couch to sleep on and a nice shower 🙂
So if anyone who lives there wants to help us, or if you know someone who can give us a place to sleep, please contact me!

I hope to hear from you soon! Make my day 🙂


On this map, you can see the places we would like to visit.
I pinned RED dots to the places where we would like to sleep. If you live there, or somewhere else on the green line, please don't hesitate to contact me!
The cities in purple already host us, so feel free to contact me. Thank you!


Eva try Couchsurfing 🙂