UEFA Champions League! Anything and everything

Which football team at UEFA champions league do you fancy?
I myself like CHELSEA!

I'm also a Chelsea FC fan but i don't know if they can win it all. I would pick Bayern Munich for the double

I'll go for Bayern too 🙂 And I hope AC Milan won't win. Yesterday's match (vs Amsterdam Aja😆 was just appalling. I was for AC at the beginning. But AC was doing everything they could to not have to play. Even the ball boys were cheating by taking their time, and I still don't understand why the trainer of AC Milan didn't get a red card after hitting the ball out of the hands of an Ajax player during a throw in. God I was annoyed by their behaviour.

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D87 D87

I support Dortmund - I like Jürgen Klopp, he is a great coach 🙂

I'm Chelsea fan and I want Chelsea to win. I don't know if we have a chance, but I think we can do it! 🙂


Halà Madrid :3