What you mainly focus on? Anything and everything

:eek: What you mainly focus on when you purchase choir robes, price,color,size,OTD,payment term or any others?

Price, price, price! When I see a thing which costs more than 25 €, I escape!! hahahahh

hahaha, yes, i agree, price is the most important factor. i bought robes online in the end. Here i list some sites for later visitors: www.graduationmall.com, www.ivyrobes.com ......Last time i bought my church choir robes from ivyrobes. It is a nice site, so i show it here for everyone. Quick Url: [url=http://www.ivyrobes.com/choral-attire.htm]Choir Robes[/url]

I've never bought choir robes o_o
are you a singer?