when do you take a bath? morning? evening? Anything and everything

I always take a bath in the night...
after that, I will have a good sleep 🙂

hahahah what a funny question really
i take my bath especially in the morning or at night .🙂

I usually take a bath just before i go to bed 😁

humm different question 😉

well, I take the bath 3 times a day: before school, after school and at night, before sleep...

Ray Ray

It just depends I would like to take a bath up to at least three times a day, but I never do. I usually take a bath just once, and that's before bed. Every once in a while I'll take it in the morning. Once in a blue moon I take one morning and night. FYI if you take a bath before you go to bed your sheets will be cleaner than if you just take a bath in the morning.

I take a shower whenever i like during the day. :tongue:

Morning after waking up and at night. Usually the night bath takes longer. 🙂

Night.... Just before i go to sleep

Never, i'm too ecological 😁 i have the impression that i kill the earth when i take a bath!!... Yes, i know , this can be too exessive and useless but whatever, i prefer taking shower !!

i take a bath in the morning so i'm fresh and clean for the world and a bathat night so i don't sleep with all the slosh the world gave me.

I take a shower in the morning, and either a bath or a shower before I go to bed. 🙂

after practice 🙂

i take a shower before i go to bed so that my hair is easy to manage in the morning 🙂

just before i go to bed and the morning..before I go to schoolllllllll.......😛