Who wants to speak and improve his/her latin with me ? Anything and everything

[b]English :[/b]

Hello ! I'm Laura, french student from 19 years old. I started learning Latin this year in University, and I would really like to improve it by practising it with other "latin speakers", I don't ask you to be really good at latin, but I'm just looking for some people who like latin and would lile to speak it to improve it.

[b]Latine :[/b]

Salvete !
Dicor Laura, et auditor sumus. Volo invenire aliquem cum quo possum latine alloqueri.
Tunc, si aliquis cum me latine loqueri volet, acceptus erit.


je max(maxgame) je fais du latin moi depuis le collège donc si je peux aider ...

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