Make & share your bucket list! Anything and everything

Maybe it's a nice thought to share your bucketlist with everyone. Just to get to know eachother better!
You can change it whenever you want! 😛

(It's a list of the things you want to do in your life.)

My bucketlist:
~Parachute jumping
~Bungee jumping
~See more of the world
~- - - More to come - - -

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My Bucket List: 🙂 🙂
-Travel The World
-Mission Trip
-Live In Another Country For 1 Year
-Meet The President Of The USA
-Volunteer For Red Cross

no-one else?


-Visit every middle east country (after the conflict is over)
-Dive in a submarine into the deep blue sea
-Go to a football game
-Go to Antartica
-Buy a Ferrari

-read the books of Alexandre Dumas, père IN FRENCH 😛
-learn Russian and Spanish
-become a successful writer or a playwright
-travel, travel, travel
-eat those exotic cuisine when traveling


nice idea's 😃

- Write a book
- Learn how to play the piano
- Learn how to speak Russian
- Graduate my secondary school cum laude
- Become a surgeon
- Bungee jump
- Sky dive
- Fly in a helicopter
- Help a stranger
- Make a stranger happy
- See the Nothern Lights

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~ Buy my own house.
~ To be a father.
~ Make a road trip in the US.
~ A trip to New Zealand or Australia.