Hello all !

My boyfriend celebrate his birthday in June (yes, I have time, but I need this time to make something good!), so I thought it could be a so great present if I can make a video with a lot of you saying « Happy Birthday Sylvain » (that's his name) to him in your [b]OWN LANGUAGE[/b].
The video hasn't to be long or even "pretty", just a short video with this short sentence.

For the pronounciation of his name, just listen to google translate (the first box, in French !) here : http://translate.google.fr/?hl=fr#fr/en/Sylvain 😉

So if you want to help me, send me a [b]private message[/b] and I'll give you my email and some instructions so that you can send me the video! 🙂

Thank to you all! 001_wub