Snail mail penpal from Asia? (: Anything and everything


I'm so felled in love to China, Taiwan and South-Korea. (Singapore, thailand.. Also good)
So I'm looking for snail mail penpal from some of those countries, active writer because I'm looking for long time friendship too(:

So a small iintroduce about me: Jenny, 17 from Finland. Media high school student, working in out company Avedia and also part-time dance teacher.
I'm studying mandarin chinese and I would also like to study a little bit Korean. Other hobbies are blogging, photographying, goofing around (humorist and loves to laugh).

Well if you are interested or you want to know more about me, contact me (:


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really ... no one 😃D

hey I'm from Asia but not from the countries you stated above but I'm interested in snail mails so if its ok with you just message me 🙂
and by the way, I'm from the Philippines 🙂

Hi~! I'm from South Korea! Let's be friend!♡

I wonder if it I too late to reach this topic?
Jessica here in China🙂