What to do? Anything and everything

Hi all,

I have a lil problem right now. I started back penpalling (snail mail) several months ago and I found pretty great people to write to.

But there is that one girl that is writing like a letter every 10 days or so, it's like one page, filled with nothing but lines to show me how full of herself she is. She is obnoxious and very not fun to write to.
I would prefer to write to people that are a bit more nice.
I just don't know how to tell her it's over.
Any suggestions?

Well, you can stop writing her. It's normal (but not nice) that penpal sometimes ends the friendship by stoping sending anything. You dont know her, she dont know you. You can tell anything 🙂 That you move out, she wouldn't send you anything more then 😉 Or just start sending letters with longer breaks, one in month, then one in two months... She will get bored with waiting 🙂