De lingua Latina discenda. Wanna talk in Latin with me ? Anything and everything

Well, I have a quite crazy proposition for all those who learn Latin (at school or not). Why do we not speak in Latin ? I guess it would be a great idea to talk together in Latin, because this "dead" language is really hard to learn and it's really harder than other languages because we don't have any opportunity to practise it with something else than a book or a dead author. So, who wants to try it ? I think it could be funny, and useful for those, like me, who'll have an exam soon. 🙂
Send me a message if you are interested, or just answer this topic -why not in Latin language ! 😛- and we'll see together how organize our "Latin-Community".
Hope you'll follow !

PS : please don't use any translator to "speak" Latin, they're nearly all verrrrrry bad ! 😉

quaestio amentia sed sic ,ok