Western-style food Anything and everything

I‘m always interested in delicious food around the world. I want to cook sth (just like steak,pudding,mu si ect.) by myself. :chef

of course I need some help. 😃 if you are willing to help me ,please send me e-mail(my address : maidou2010_(email hidden))

sincerely .

What about Belgium waffles? If you want me to translate the recipe, send me an e-mail!

For some easy and delicious western recipe visit http://western-recipe.blogspot.com/. It will surely help you.

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Hey there! In general, western food is simplier than Chinese food. I tried to learn how to cook dim sum last week, and my spring rolls are still not that great.

What do you mean by mu si? I think it is some Chinese name.

Would be glad to help with the dishes I know 🙂