Do you talk to your parents about your personal life? Anything and everything


I talk to my mom a lot but I don't tell my dad anything.


No. I don'te tell anything to my parents about my life. I only asnwer at the questions, but I don't tell all!

Yeah, absolutely! My mum is one of my best friends, probably because she seems so young. I had sort of a hard childhood (being bullied and getting sick, running in and out of hospitals etc.) and my mum was always there for me. I absolutely love her for that. My dad is really funny and lovely, too but our relationship is more about having fun and joking than it's about sharing. But yeah, I'm really close with my folks.

I tell everything to my mom. She's one of my best friends. I really can trust her. She understands me and doesn't get mad if I make mistakes. Or well, of course she does a bit but soon she relents and tells me that we all make mistakes. 🙂

I also tell a lot to my dad but not as much as to mom. For example when I'm in love with someone I don't talk about it to dad.
I've been living together with my mom almost all of my life (my parents ended their relationship when I was only 3 years old). That's one of the reasons I trust mom a little bit more than dad.

I don't talk to my parents about my personal stuff. I rather talk to friends about that.

Hmmm it's a difficult question which is there...When I was child I tried a little but since somes years no really...The discussion is die since! -_- They can't understand from things which made me sad and angry when I am. It's always blablabla from big speech. :mellow

I don't talk to my parents about my personal life 😆


I don't talk to my parent about my personal life because when I say something, it's a parental monologue. It's like all I do, or all I feel is not good, it's not correct, ect ect. It's more my mother. With my father, I don't know why I can't speak with him, my parents ended their relationship when I was 8.

I would love to talk with them, but it's really difficult.

I just tell them what they want to hear = happy proud parents

I avoid that. They can't talk about such things. I have too much different vision of my life. 😛