New worldwide project! Anything and everything


With a few friends we're starting a project now that we also want to start as a company. But we also like to help people, and we're thinking to start a big project around the world to help people who need it.

There will be a website where people who want to help can register themselves, and if you've a problem you can ask it. People around the world can help you then and take care of you.

So our question: what did you think about this idea? Please some reactions! 🙂


I think the idea is just fine, but depends what are your goals. If you want to make a business out of it, you must come up with something attractive in interesting, otherwise you have little to no chances to compare with other sites such as Y! Answers or eHow.

Hello !

I think that is a good idea, because everybody need help, but like Remus had say, what are your goals ?

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Wow I like your idea very much! I thinkn that much people like it!