what your favorite DRAMAs? Anything and everything

My favorites are ....

[img]http://pds9.egloos.com/pds/200805/02/10/d0027710_481a8f5d305db.jpg[/img] 하얀거탑[White Tower]
[img]http://pds9.egloos.com/pds/200805/02/10/d0027710_481a8f5dd1f32.jpg[/img] NCIS
[img]http://pds8.egloos.com/pds/200805/02/10/d0027710_481a8f5e82a83.jpg[/img] 한성별곡一正[Han seong byeol gok-only one justice]
[img]http://pds8.egloos.com/pds/200805/02/10/d0027710_481a8f5e44712.jpg[/img] 경성스캔들[Kyeong seong Scandal]
[img]http://pds7.egloos.com/pds/200805/02/10/d0027710_481a9705ccb00.jpg[/img] 불멸의 이순신 [Lee Soon Shin of immortal

sorry about big images y//yaA

well, how about you : )?

Aya Aya

my favorit drama it's :
full house by bi rain XDD

Full house is good drama too XD
do you know origin of full house is exist X$?

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