flag-introduction :D Everyday life and customs

hey there 😃
i'm very interested in different flags xD
so why not introduce your country's flag to others 😃 ?
(i know it is a "sun" on Japanese flag, and blue means freedom, white means equality, red means philanthropy on French flag etc xD)
so, what's the story of yours 😉 ?

the flag of the U.S. has fifty stars the represent the fifty states, and thirteen stripes that represent the original thirteen rebelling colonies. White is for innocence and purity, red is for valour, and blue is for justice and perseverance.

Aww, I know what the stars and stripes mean, but I didn't know the colors!
Ah, the flag of Taiwan means sun (the white star on the left), sky (the blue part) and red is for mother earth

poland's flag: white and red, white is a symbol of pureness, and red is suffering i think. if you switch the order of colours you have the flag of indonesia and monaco, but they may be completely different in their meanigs.. lately i have read that white on french flag is a symbol of royal family, added after louis xvi accepted something during french revolution. i hope some french people will confirm this 🙂
does anybody know the origin of the crosses on scandinavian flags? i have always wondered what they mean.

French flag: Blue-White-Red
the French Revolution started in 1789, but France did not become immediately a republic, first was established a constitutional monarchy. Before that, there was no official flag but symbols such as the white flag (because white is the colour of monarchy) and fleur-de-lys. When absolute monarchy was abolished, revolutionnaries presented to king Louis XVI (who was still King, but had lost many powers) the tricolour saying that Blue and Red were Paris' colours and that white represented monarchy. Actually the colours were inspired by the American flag.
This flag was officially 'imposed' in 1794 and the article 2 of the French constitution defines it as the national emblem.

@tomekcrr: you are right, white is supposed to symbolize royalty.

Nowadays, as France is a democracy (yes it is 😁) people prefer saying that the colours refer to the 3 concepts of France's national motto : Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité (Freedom, Equality, Fraternity).

In Finland we have a flag that has blue and white on it (there is a blue cross in it, everything else is white). The blue color refers to our many lakes and the white color refers to snow that covers our land in the winter. Oh, and the blue cross means of course the Christianity (many of us are Lutherans).