Is Penpal really helping you learn languages? Everyday life and customs

Is Penpal really helping you learn languages?

Me- yes, but i should be more active. i belive it can help, but when you visit the page with regularity ;D

You? 001_cool 001_cool

i believe it does 🙂 if you visit the site very often, it really helps, i think 😁
it takes time but it is worth it. xDD
and it is nice asking penpals for helps


haha, I've been exposed to a lot of french in chat 😛 but yeah, being able to practice and have conversations in another language helps a lot.

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more things about culture,i think

Yeep,I guess this web is working great and help people to improve their language skills 😛
And more about culture...Just ask foreginers to what would you know, they should answer 🙂

idk really.....😃
But mb PG taught me to type quickly in Eng 😃

Maybe yes...
Maybe no...

I find it rather more like a cultural exchange or possibly a heart effusing of individuals... 😛

not as yet really! maybe am too new here! =D

I don't know...But I really learn a lot of things about countries culture...

yes its helping me learn many languages 😛unk rockon :clap thumbup2 stupid :wheelchair

Yes, very much, I learned a lot more with the exchange of Snail Mail (Paper Mail).

Not really, You cant comunicate in a language you don't speak