Can I love him? Everyday life and customs

Hi everybody,

I had a relationship with my ex boyfriend almost 5 years ago. He was my first boyfriend and I was 15 years old. We broke up just because we didn't know what a relationship was and we were more like best friends.

But now....

He had a girlfriend for more than 3 years but they broke up 0,5 year ago.
And I see him everyday for 3 months now. We kissed...

I love him and he said he loves me. I was today at his work to drink a cup of tea.

Is it fault to love your ex again?
Idk what to do.

In my opinion its not a fault
As 15 yo you could do a lot of faults and you have to learn on them so you both can try being together again

I think you should try.(I'm not an expert because I've never been in a relationship.)

Okay thank you so much.