Spain or Italy Everyday life and customs

Hello all,

I'm planning to move to Europe to start my business and take a language course at a university to get to know the culture, people and language.
But I love these two countries and it's difficult for me to choose one.
Since I won't be going as a tourist, the touristy parts are not my concern...
I mostly care about ease of starting a new business, the economy situation and generally which is a better country to relocate to compared to each other.

Thank you!

You can write to me. I'm interested about Iran. But I think that Italy isn't good for business, all investers go abroad.

Italy is terrible lol
Pick Spain man

Italy is terrible lol
Pick Spain man

Spain is terrible
Pick Italy man

Well, the most difficult thing about choosing one is that both are amazing countries in my opinion... 😃

Italy is the best🎼🎂🍰😁