How do people celebrate for new year in your country? Everyday life and customs

In China,people eat new year's eve dinner and watch Spring Festival Gala with their family.During the dinner,people always put a fish on the table, but they never eat it.Because in Chinese,the pronunciation of fish is similar with residue.This is the Chinese way of praying that there will be food left over for the coming year. People play fire works and give red pocket to children.It is also popular in China to visit their relatives.In some area, people visit the tombs of their ancestor.We eat eight-treasure rice pudding, new year cake,sweet dumplings.We always put a coin in a sweep soup balls randomly.If you eat it by accident, it means you will be lucky in the following year.

This is how we (my family) celebrate New Year because sometimes it differs a bit from family to family. On New Year's Eve, we come together with the whole, but really the whole family to celebrate. My grandmother has thirteen other sisters and brothers and most of them also have children, and they also have children ... So we are with a lot (-; During the party there is a table with small sandwiches and spreads (cheese, ham, jam, honey, ...) there are salads and of course also cake and drinks. When we are eating cake, the children come forward one by one to read their New Year's wishes for their godmother or godfather. They do that they get clapped for them and they get a present. Then we all wait until we can watch the fireworks at midnight. The next day, so New Year's Day do the same thing but with daddy's family and without the fireworks.
Sorry for my bad English😒