The faucet is a closely related item in our life. Its main function is to adjust the size of the water flow, which not only facilitates people's use, but also has certain water-saving effects. Modern faucets are diverse and complete in type. The following kitchen faucets manufacturers give you a detailed introduction to the different classifications of faucets.

For a modern faucet, the spool is the most critical component. Its function as a faucet is equivalent to the function of the heart to humans. The quality of the faucet valve directly determines the service life of the faucet. At present, the faucet spools on the market mainly include ceramic valve cores, rubber cores and stainless steel valve cores.

The functional classification of the faucet is mainly based on the location of the faucet. Such as basin faucet, sink faucet, shower faucet, bathtub faucet, etc. At present, there is a kind of hot electric faucet (ie, hot faucet) on the market. The appearance of this faucet has brought good news to many families with low water pressure in high-rise buildings.

Old-fashioned faucets are all screw-type open, but because of the spiral opening, it takes a lot of turns to open, which is more troublesome. Therefore, the wrench-type faucet, the lift-type faucet and the modern latest-style sensor faucet are slowly designed. In particular, the latest induction faucet is very convenient to use, and the water saving effect is also obvious.

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