What do you think about South Korea? Everyday life and customs

I'm from Korea and I'm so curious about what do foreigners think about Korea!
Please share your opinions!
It's South Korea! Not North Korea!

I’m Chinese. Actually I think your country is beautiful and has lots of korean series and music group. They are renowned. But I think in some sport match your performance isn’t so nice. Few months ago korean football players insult our trophies, it’s not sportsmanlike. In some match too. But this is only side. I think other aspects your country is great, and in China many people learn korean. Anyway I hope we two countries can cooperate more.

Good country, good cinema.

It is a really developed nation with a very attracting culture and unique gastronomy and nature, for example Jeju Island.

Korea is good in some places like views,music,etc ,also bad in other places.
In my view,i feel we need to be well with Japan,and we need to protect our respect of Asian together. especially in some parts like military,the thought between basical people。
P.S.: I'm not a racist man,i just disagree with it.

I think Korea is a breath of fresh air. Its exciting , positive, and a striving country. I want to visit there. But I do know that some things are very controversial because Koreans customs are not being respected by westerners or foreigners.

I love Korea so much, it's a magnificent place, full of history, customs, traditions, landscapes and much more. it is really a country that fascinates me a lot and sooner or later I will visit it ... to be honest I like Korea for its music and its writing (I like the way it is written) but also because it seems a safe country

Beautifuul cuntry and the people are very serious

So here in Germany, in the last few years I feel like there's a trend that more people become interested in Asian countries and cultures. Especially K-pop and K-dramas are really a thing now. But apart from the entertainment industry, I guess most people here think that South Korea is pretty similar to Japan. Things like a growing economy, large cities, technology and so on first come into most people's minds. But also a dense population and people overworking themselves for poor wages. (I don't mean to offend anyone but that's what many people told me)

i would like to know about south Korea people. Medias don't talk enough about that country.

Nowadays lots of foreigners are in love with South Korea. It's one of the most popular countries in the world and always more people want to learn Korean and visit the country.

I personally think South Korea is one of those countries where there are still values, such as respectfulness and politeness, qualities that are often rare in the Western part of the world...

For me, Korea is North Corea as well as South Corea (or Republic of Corea). I am from Germany and we German's have managed to unify two states with two different systems. You should do the same. It is always better than having enemies on your border.

Excellent Karaoke Bars and street foods 😃

Over the last two decades, there are more awesome films made in South Korea than other countries in Asia. That's a fact.And I remember that the Korean TV drama and programme once was very popular here. I had two classmates from South Korea, one of them was fashionable and characteristc, and the other one is modest and dilligent.
But somehow I don't hear much good news in the last decade. It seems the media among South Korea, Japan and China are always broadcasting negative information of each other. And it should be corrected. I just wish we can be more friendly to each other.

I think that there is to much technology and stress in city such as Seoul. I rode that your country is where we count the most elevated quantity of young's suicides. But 75 I don't really know your country.

I am very Korea,curious about the very interesting culture of the beautiful nature.
Of interest is also the way of nutrition and medicine.
Beauty is Korea

Beautiful country with beautiful people and rich culture, awesome music, cinema and fashion. I'd like to go there and see everything with my own eyes.
There is one thing I can't understand...Beauty standarts