DAILY ROUTINE Everyday life and customs

What does bore you every day? What would you change of your daily routine?

I'd like to change my timetable in school and cross out homework and add something new and interesting for me. Like something unusual (for example, I never went to the yoga class but I'd like to). And maybe I'd like to change the circle of people who are around me

I wish I didn't look at my phone for 30 minutes when I wake up.

ohh, i agree with you guys!

I would really love to change something in my life, for example the amount of homework is suffocating.. and going to school everyday bores me a lot. I would love to spend more time with my family, but everytime we are together i'm always nervous and stressed because of school! it's crazy!

and, about the phones.. yeah, it's incredible how tempting they are.. every time I need to see what time it is I end up watching instagram stories or chatting with my friends .. i think it's sad that people need to show other people (including fake friends!) what they do (or what they don't do..)