Climate change Everyday life and customs

Hi every one! I want to ask you about your interest in climate change.
Do you feel concerning about it?
Does your country apply rules to create less carbon than before COP21? If your answer is yes, what are they?
What do you make to reduce your carbon footprint?

I like having a tan. 😁 The irony is unseasonal hot weather caused by climate change is when protesters like to protest, I have never seen them protest in the rain, practice what you preach otherwise you know where the door is.
Honestly though I don't really care for climate change, I do what I am legally required to do, I know the scientific facts and the global history of climate fluctuations and the driving forces behind all of it but in a world where believing the earth is flat is ok there's no point in caring. Your damned if you do damned if you don't so you might as well have a damn good time.

Well, sadly global warming won't give you a tan, since the heat is reflected, not the light 😉

Personally, I am very concerned about climate change and all the other ways we are treating the world we try to live in; and it is really frustrating to see the lethargic way this is being dealt with — people are probably afraid that they can't fully keep their current way of life.

Afaik Germany does want to decrease their emissions, but our government so far has been really reluctant to take any real steps towards sustainability, but they sure do love promising and talking about it :/

Global warming traps more uv rays which causes super tannage. Lol

Hi 🙂 Well, global warming doesn't trap anything, it is a result of greenhous gases, which does not trap UV rays, but warmth that is radiated back from earth; if it would trap uv rays, it would reflect sunlight back into space, too 🙂
But warmth is not uv light (which would tan you), but rather ir, thus on the other side of the light spectrum

The uv rays cannot fully escape due to the build up of co2 and other elements in the upper atmosphere, it's called greenhouse effect because its what greenhouses do as plants need uv rays. Wikipedia.

Wikipedia? Alright 🙂

The "greenhouse effect" of the atmosphere is named by analogy to greenhouses which become warmer in sunlight. However, a greenhouse is not primarily warmed by the "greenhouse effect".[31] "Greenhouse effect" is actually a misnomer since heating in the usual greenhouse is due to the reduction of convection,[32] while the "greenhouse effect" works by preventing absorbed heat from leaving the structure through radiative transfer.


Earth receives energy from the Sun in the form of ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared radiation. About 26% of the incoming solar energy is reflected to space by the atmosphere and clouds, and 19% is absorbed by the atmosphere and clouds. Most of the remaining energy is absorbed at the surface of Earth. Because the Earth's surface is colder than the Sun, it radiates at wavelengths that are much longer than the wavelengths that were absorbed. Most of this thermal radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere and warms it.


Earth's surface, warmed to a temperature around 255 K, radiates long-wavelength, infrared heat in the range of 4–100 μm.


Greenhouse gases—including most diatomic gases with two different atoms (such as carbon monoxide, CO) and all gases with three or more atoms—are able to absorb and emit infrared radiation. Though more than 99% of the dry atmosphere is IR transparent (because the main constituents—N2, O2, and Ar—are not able to directly absorb or emit infrared radiation)


So, you see, the earth absorbs the uv rays and re-emits them as infrared ("at wavelengths that are much longer than the wavelengths that were absorbed"), which in turn warms up the atmosphere 🙂

So sadly both things you said are incorrect: Neither greenhouses nor greenhouse gases have anything to do with trapping uv rays; if they did, they would block them, too, which would be pointless for a greenhouse

Consider this: While skiing, you can get a tan even in winter, because snow is white and therefore reflects light instead of absorbing it; that's also why snow seems so bright in direct sunlight. But most of the world's surface isn't white [citation needed], it warms up instead of reflecting light, re-emitting the heat as ir radiation (among other forms of heat dissipation, of course) 😉

Look at you Mr clever pants lol

Well, all I can say is: Look at you Mr "I know the scientific facts" who doesn't even read the source he quotes 🤷‍♂️

I didn't actually quote anything I just added the word Wikipedia lol.
And the earth has cycles of hot and cold and we are due a hot cycle, but due to the last 150 years we have pushed the temp up by about 1C which is sort of bad (I think 2C is the point of where screwed) and haven't regulated plant and tree growth or sealife which the earth relies on to regulate its self. All we have done is added cholesterol to the heart of the planet, its not much but it has an effect. So as humans we need to plant more trees and plants and of course help increase the ocean eco system by getting rid of the plastic in it.
All these protesting about climate change and shutting down cities causes more pollution and doesn't help, plant a forest or help breed fish instead.

So you just added the word "Wikipedia" with any meaning to it? That's cool I guess, but please excuse me for assuming that you meant what most other people mean if they end a message this way which I would understand as "The previous statement is true, which a quick search on Wikipedia would prove you, since I did the same before posting this". I am just not used to your way of expression.
For the rest I agree with you, there have been cycles as you've mentioned them, but recently we've been pushing the temperature up or in other words, accelerating the warming; many people claim that this is just a natural process, but temperatures are changing faster than ever before; we're talking 10000 of years earlier vs decades now. And as you've correctly stated, with slower cycles, the ecosystem would just adapt by growing more plants (fish metabolize just as we do, though), but this is not possible at the rates we're currently facing. The world won't die out because of our actions, but it might become uninhabitable to us. As this comic explains pretty well, the people who try to play down the dangers of climate change by saying that earth's temperature has changed before are like people who say that "dont worry, that car's temperature chas changed before"... while said car is on fire.
And we do need to reduce plastic waste in oceans, but growing forests alone won't do the trick, especially considering people like Bolsonaro are planning to log large forests. We just do need to change to a more sustainable economy, i. e. a way of life that we could theoretically keep up forever, without causing lasting damage to the environment that supports us, even though many people seem to be unaware of how much we still rely on an intact ecosystem.
All in all I don't think we disagree as much 🙂

Ineresting debate takes place here 😊
Do you know Youth For Climate?

Are they the people causing more pollution in London at the moment? Seriously its hilarious.

Euh... I don't think so. Can you send a link which talks about the event you think?

Sorry there called extinction rebellion. They think causing cities to come to a stop, which causes more pollution as people get stuck in traffic idling there cars and buses is a great way to combat climate change.

It's not a link with real information. It's only what you understood.

And maybe you understood well than i think.

Well, this is of course at first glance true: Traffic jams produce more pollution; but if it serves to make prople realize that prefering cars over pedestrians, cyclist and public transport is not sustainable, the long term reduction of pollution might by far outweigh the little extra pollution due to the protests; also in most cities, strees are chronically congested anyways