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What do you all think about the effects of plastic around our world?
I made a website: www.plxstics.wordpress.com
I also made a petiton to ban single-use plastic:

the complexities of plastic pollution make it too difficult, the best and technically only thing that can be done is by individuals. if you ban single use plastics thats thousands of jobs gone, and also you make people who want single use plastics feel cheated which is a violation of there rights. again the best thing is if you dont want to use single use plastics dont, but research first, plastic cups, straws, sandwich containers, bottles of drink, disposable razors, exfoliating make up and creams, toilet roll packets, tissue packets, pot noodles, cup noodles, sugar packets. seriously i can go on lol including life saving medicine. they all are single use plastic but some can be recycled. I prefer to look at climate change first far easier problem to tackle.
here have a read: 🙂 http://theconversation.com/there-are-some-single-use-plastics-we-truly-need-the-rest-we-can-live-without-99077

Der Verbraucher hat kaum eine Chance. Plastik ist fast überall drin und dran und jetzt kommt es zum Menschen zurück. Mach irgendwo Urlaub und geh an den Strand. Da wird es angeschwemmt. Manchmal in Massen. Die Industrie ist schuld. Und jedermann, der seinen Dreck einfach auf die Strafe wirft. Ich schreibe hier in deutsch. Ich finde es braucht auch mal Kommentare in anderen Sprachen als immer nur Englisch.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - all of us can do it!

It seems to me that if things were made as well as they used to be, then we wouldn't need all of this plastic. everything used to be made of metal. We used to take our appliances to repair shops when they broke down. Now everything is made of plastic. Have you tried to find an appliance repair shop? They don't exist.