Sandwichs Everyday life and customs

Hello everybody !
I'm Tou-By (like 2 bee haha)
I'm here to talk about street food or food around the world. I have a project, to open a sandwich shop.
So, if you want to share what's the sandwich who is proprer to your country, I'll be glad to talk about this with you. Thank you very much 😁

I love eat sandwiches with green pesto salad mozzarella and tomato. my favorite restaurant is serving bread with lettuce scrambled eggs and bacon. And the last one good option for sandwich is bread with peanut butter and bananas if someone like sweets 😉 wish you luck!

toasted brioche bun with butter, crispy smoked bacon, poached egg, Cumberland sausage. great for a morning breakfast. 🙂 recently had a teriyaki chicken burger in Japan which was so nice I had seconds. (burgers are also sandwiches) 🙂

In Germany we have quiet a lot receipes with bread. But I wouldn't call them sandwiches.

Here is the same. A lor of receips with bread but them aren't sandwiches.
Sandwiches are snacks.
I prefer crispy toast!

In the Netherlands bread is a big part of our diet as breakfast and lunch.

Every sandwich shop sells a version of "broodje gezond" which losely translates to "healthy bread". Most times a baguette or piece of french pain with minimum: Gouda cheese, ham, cucumber, tomatoes and sliced boiled egg, but preferred with more healthy tasty toppings like lettuce, pickle, paprika, other thinly sliced meats like chicken and a bit of mayo for moisture.

For the rest you can get a lot of international flavours like the italian style with pesto and mozzarella or american like club sandwiches.

Let me just add, fried sandwiches are heavenly.

We do have so much bread and buns, I really like that. It's one thing I miss first when I'm abroad.
You can put almost everything on top of a bread. Jam, Wurst, eggs and so on.