how looks your future house? Everyday life and customs

My future house would be a big treehouse! In it there are mandt wall who are soft and there are pillows everywhere in the room. Then you have my creative place where i paint on the wall and have my laptoo to write stories and other things. Then i have a bed who looks fancy in wood and its for 2 persons. Then i have some place for my animals! And its difficult for doggos to climb in the trees so there is made something special for them. My kitchen has everything especially a ice machine😍 and the garden isnt that important i only have grass and nice looking trees with chairs and a table.

So how looks your dreamhouse?

Tip: use your fantasy😊

My dreamhouse would be a small house with a big stable for my horses. It would be cosy but modern. It would have a large bedroom and a small kitchen. I'd like a lot of roses in front of my house😊

I should be sleeping but who cares!
The house of my dreams would be a small wooden house in the woods or in a forest, surrounded by green tall trees in summer and white snow in winter, with a lake or a river.
Internally everything should be white, so I can imagine all my ideas on walls, just like a huuuuge movie screen, and then the bathroom will be orange with some cool fantasies on it, so I can empower my creativity in dead times ahahah

My dreamhouse is exactly the same as this house. Just modern and not too small.

as long as it provides a roof and a bed I can then dump my stuff and explore 🙂. my dream house would be in Japan.