wattpad? Everyday life and customs

hi do you guys have wattpad and write stories on it?

Yeah, wattpad it´s the best invention after chocolate... i start writing one but i stop it. You read stories from wattpad? Any suggestion?

Hahaha hmm i like chocolate too 😛 why did you stopped writing? Ehmm i read some stories but they were dutch😅

I didn't know it ty for sharing! 😃 😃 gome some stories to put in 🙂

Oh i stopped writing because i feel a litle insecure about it, and feel some bad for taking time to update the chapters, so i decided to stop publishing it, continue on my own but I'm still editing so ...

Anyway, i do not think that writing is mine ... I'll stay with appreciating how others write.

Ahhh, well i read stories in English and Spanish, there are many options ... maybe there is some adaptation or translation of some stories in each other's language?

well yes I have wattpad and I also write stories. but in german

I have wattpad and I I have started one storie but isn't finish.

Nice!!! Well ehm i try to write too on it but not that good haha

Jup. i love it!

hi i have also Wattpad , but i don`t write at the moment no story`s .

I have it for five years but I dont really publishing something since now. Finally I have write it completely.

There I only read books or stories easier to read on Ficbook.

Hey !
I have Wattpad too and I'm writing a big story on it (in french but maybe one day I'll translate it in English ?) 🙂
Keep it up guys !

Hi! I do have Wattpad. I post my stories, some fanfictions about anime characters, but I'm planning to write something entirely mine!