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In the state where you live, what is the typical Easter lunch? In Italy, the most typical is lamb or goat with potatoes and / or artichokes, then a leavened cake called "colomba" (dove)

I forgot:
eggs and asparagus;
egg of chocolate with the surprise inside

In Poland for Easter a sourdough soup is served. It's called Żurek. And of course lot of eggs in various forms. Then baked ham and a kind of raw sausage served hot with red-beet-and-horseradish sauce or horseradish only. The most popular cakes are Cheesecake and Mazurek-very sweet cake with a lot of dried fruits.
Happy Easter for everyone! 🙂

Thanks for your reply Bea!
I looked for the soup recipe, it must be very fragrant and tasty... I think I would like it.
Happy Easter also to you!

In France (at least in Provence) we prepare lamb (Pascal's lamb) for Easter (as in many countries I think). It is a leg of lamb baked with herbs of Provence, garlic and olive oil. As an accompaniment, green beans and baked potatoes are served. This is the so-called "traditional" meal, but I do not know if many people really do. After, there are especially chocolates that the bells drop in the garden and that the children go to look for. In my family have no meal. We will mainly look for chocolates.
I am a chocolate maker, at the moment I work a lot!

En France (du moins en Provence) on prépare de l'agneau (l'agneau de Pascal) pour Pâques (comme dans beaucoup de pays je crois). C'est un gigot d'agneau cuit au four avec des herbes de Provence, de l'ail et de l'huile d'olive. En accompagnement, on sert des haricots verts et des pommes de terre cuites au four. C'est le repas dit "traditionnel", mais je ne sais pas si beaucoup de gens le font vraiment. Après, il y a surtout les chocolats que les cloches lâchent dans le jardin et que les enfants vont chercher. Dans ma famille ont ne fait pas de repas. On va surtout chercher les chocolats.
Je suis chocolatière, en ce moment je travaille beaucoup !

Merci Barzere pour votre réponse en deux langues.
J'aime le chocolat d'excellente qualité! Même en Italie, en plus des oeufs en chocolat, ils font des cloches et des agneaux au chocolat. Bonsoir

Je travaille dans une pâtisserie/ chocolaterie de bonne qualité et fait fait beaucoup de choses différentes en chocolat, en plus des oeufs.
Merci pour votre réponse en Français
Bonne soirée
buona serata

Ma belle-mère était professeur de chocolat ... Superbe! 😋

La pâtisserie est un art 🍰

Bonne nuit🍬

That depends on the part of Germany, I think. For breakfast we boil eggs and paint them. For lunch we quiet often eat rabbit with Rotkohl (red cabbage) and Klößen (dumplings). They are made out of potatoes. They are very typical for Thuringia.

Thank you very much “1994“ for your answer. Also in northern Italy we have the culture of potato gnocchi, once it was used to eat potato gnocchi on Thursdays (as an alternative to the rice dish or polenta that are typical of the north, because pasta as we know it today is typical of southern Italy , here it was done, but it was more egg pasta like lasagna and tagliatelle or ravioli, but they were on the tables of the rich, the poor instead had polenta especially, then potatoes or rice).