Guys, I need your help D: Everyday life and customs

What do you think about people in your country and stereotypes?
This is not political question or joke. I need to know it for essay.
You can use your imagination. You have your opinion. \*0*/

For example:
-I think people in North Italy are optimistic, lasy, happy and joyful, but people in South Italy are unfriendly and hot.
-I think it's wrong because in film we see serious hardworking business men in North Italy and optimistic lasy people in South Italy.

-I guess people in Finland like attract. They are really friendly and talkative guys.
-Huh,but I thought, they are careful cold people without sense of humour.

What do you think?

Hey 🙂 I live in north Italy and I can tell in the south people are far better than the ones who live in the north, they are more friendly and generous, but they can also be very jealous(this is for boys though). In north italy they hardly say hello to you and yes there are more business men but that's due to the different development of the north and the south. I can-t find other things, I hope it helped you

It's really helped, thank you so much 😃
Oh, and one thing that I need to know. Yeah, whatever.
Can you tell me about difference between south and north girls? 😆

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Here people who comes from the north Italy would be considered like persons who just think to business,work and career; his character could be surly,"cold" and tends to be snobbish...

People like me who comes from south Italy would be friendly,talkative and generous and we would be considered "mammoni" cause for us the mom is all xD but also family in general😃 ....North italian people could sometime call us "terroni" because we come from and we live like in a earth (place) where we stay till' death.

However they're just stereotypes...don't take them seriously because you can find the things on the contrary or also the opposites 🙂

Tell me what do you think and good luck for your essay 🙂

If you find Finns talkative, you must be a very shy person 😃
They're nice and polite but speak slowly with attention to what they say and don't speak fast as Spaniards. They do have a sense of humor, but not very loud as southerners or mean as Russians (especially men), not sarcastical as Brits, quite a light humor, something which doesn't aim to make you lack of air out of big laughter or tries to hurt a bit the other. Something aiming to make you soflty smile, maybe let a little ''ha ha'' go but nothing excessive.

For the Italian girls, in the North they'll be quite colder and more discret than what you'd expect from southern Europeans. Some have a temperament almost as in Germanic countries (Danmark/Germany) surprisingly enough, but quite more cynical and racist, and they are not afraid of sharing their point of view, whether it is shocking you or not - they're quite frank. Also, very feminine, they like to take care of themselves, they're sophisticated.

The Southern Italian women are quite loud, always talking, complaining, joking, laughing, crying... Most expressive people on Earth maybe 😁 also generous, and they love food. Like, they really do. They overprotect their children as in many mediteranean cultures.

Physically you also see differences, in the south they have black curly hair, dark eyes most of the time, they're tanned. Up North they're really white, have clear eyes, most of the time they have light-brown hair or black hair contrasting with the skin, northerners are generally slimmer, though there's also a youth culture about sports in the south. They don't support the same teams and therefore ''tifosi'' (italian hooligans) hit each other, both between cities and between north/south. Violence is also difference - much more political and hand-to-hand in the North, in the South it's more about criminal activities, often with guns and bombs. South has been more touched by the arrival of migrants, has always been quite mixed with lots of foreign populations while the North remained quite homogenous, except for some periods.

Also in the north they speak more foreign languages (english, german, french, russian, often for work, sometimes for pleasure/culture), in the south they like dialects and English more than the rest, yet they're more communicative

It changes a lot from town to town though
Sicily is quite fitting the 'southerner' criterias, Sardinia well hmm southerner in a different way than mainland southerners
Hope it helped and well yes it's quite cliché buuuut based on the people I've met. Watch ''Benvenuti al Sud!'' If you want a movie about the cultural stereotypes!