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Could you tell me what do you usually for breakfast, lunch and dinner and where? ☺

I have nothing for breakfast (prefer to sleep 15 extra minutes), then at work drink a cup of coffee to wake up, yes, I get up early and wake up late 🙂, don't have time for lunch at work, soup or meat with garnish (potatoes, buckwheat, pasta, vegetables, anything else for you, mademoiselle 🙂) and certain something sweet.

Thank you 🙂
Someone else? I must do a research for school so please, tell me!


In Austria people usually eat:

Breakfast during the week:
a quick coffee, hot chocolate or tea and a bread roll with jam or honey

on the weekend we eat a bigger breakfast
common food is coffee, tea or hot chocolate and an orange juice. Then bread, croissants or bread rolls with ham or cheese or jam or honey. A soft boiled egg. Some people also eat salmon. But that is not so common.
This breakfast usually is more relaxed and the family enjoys the time together

Lunch during the week:
whatever the canteen offers. Something quick in the lunch break

Lunch on sundays:
Some fish or meat with vegetables or rice or potatoes or noodles

Dinner during the week:
Some fish or meat with vegetables or rice or potatoes or noodles (because if we haven't eaten something warm during lunch we eat cooked meals in the evening)

Dinner on weekend:
We already ate a warm meal on lunch time so we usually just eat some bread with bacon or cheese and vegetables.