World connection, new penpal and postcard exchange ! Everyday life and customs

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen : D ! I hope everybody feels good and has fun (: !

I'm writting there cause I was thinking to collect postcard all over the world.
Consequently, I would be grateful if some of you would like to exchange one of your country with me. Beside, of course It'll be a pleasure for me to return one of Paris, and especially, if you want to, one of place you would like to have (as Eiffel Tower, ... )
As we're all the same, we don't pay Vip account 😃, so I let my email here [email removed], it'll be easier for you if you wanna answer my request.

Well, thank you in advance and you should know that I always look for kind penpal and I look forward to have some of your news and doubtless meet you.
♥ Kind regards ♥ !


(i hope my english was understandable, or at least, make me know my mistakes, i'm working it harder because of test for engineer school soon..)

Hi Ju :^)

That sounds awesome!
I'd like to exchange postcard with people, too!
And I'm writing you an email right now 😁 I'll send you the email via Penpal-gate 'cause I don't want it to turn into a spam 😛

Greets 😃

There's a great page where you can get postcards from everywhere .