Requirements! Does it matters when it comes to friendship?? :''( Everyday life and customs

Nowadays, there's a lot of requirement for a friendship. Which makes me feel so disappointed, unlike before it is simply simple. Finding a real friend could be a hard thing to do, but it is worthy. Real friends are much precious than any amount of money or any golds.

I kinda having difficulty at this thing, it makes me sick >.<

I knew we all have our own choice, own choices in everything. Having our own perceptions in almost any kind of subject matter. Well, I do respect that all.

What do you think? Does it requires a lot of requirements when it comes to friendship?

FRIENDS - a single seven letter one word but has a powerful meaning that no one can ever live without it. ~ Jhierren Paz

Well actually it depends on personality. I don't like requiring friends too much but it seems that many girls do! Friends are some people who can share ideas with you. You don't have to be very close but you can enjoy your time with each other!

Depends. I usually don't mind talking to anyone and in face to face friendship I have almost no requirements, but when it comes to the internet it is a bit odd if some old man shows a lot of interest or if people just add me to their list without saying a word.