I can help you with French :) Français

I am a French native speaker interested in exchanging letters with Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Greek native speakers🙂
I can help you with French.
Please contact me🙂

i want a help in french but i don't know another languages that you need , i have arabic language only

Je suis un indien et j'ai besoin de pratiquer en français. I can only teach you some Indian languages or share letters not more.

A bientot

I live in Montréal, Québec, so I speak French.
I'm Greek, and lived there a lot of time =3 so Greek is my native language.
My name is Delia, and nice to meet you

Hi! I can help you for what concerns italian and English! would you like to become my french pen friend? I do need an help in french!! :clap

hey, j' habite en allemagne et je veux améliorer mon French.
je peux aider avec allemand.

Oh, yeah, I can help with French as well, and with English, and I need help in Spanish and Arabic, which I'd like to learn.

I am a French speaker too, and I'd like to discuss with anybody who is interested in this (beautiful) language. I'm open to all other languages, especially Spanish and Japanese (but also Indian or Italian, which I've never learnt).