I wanna better my german! Deutsch

Hello everybody! I'm Riccardo, i'm 20 and I come from Milan, Italy.
I'm studying German by myself and I want to speak to someone in this language.
I've started to study it since a couple of weeks, but i can't go any further with no one to write to, it would be really useful!
I can easily assist you with italian, if you want to.
Would you help me?

Hi Riccardof,

my Name is Leon. I live in Munich Germany. I can speak German and English, but my English is not the best. I am very interssted in Tech, Sports, cooking/baking, and much more. We can talk about everything. I hope you and your family are fine an I would be happy to write with you and improve my language skills 🙂. Just write to me I'll answer you 😉

Greetings Leon