HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLO! I kann nicht deutsch sprechen aber bin ich Deutsch

sehr sympatisch uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuund. Ok let's move on! Here my German skills stop and I start saying stupid things as usual. The real problem is:

- I'm terribly in love with Germany
- and I'm really in love with your language!

I wish to improve my language skills and I'm not as fool as I could seem. I'm available to make any effort to start speaking German and learn it..and I'll reach my goal!
On the other hand I'm Italian (someone told me that you don't like us but I love you, so..who cares?) and I'm a very good teacher.
My italian skills are very interesting because I love reading and I write every day, my friends are all workers and some journalist liked the way I write.

I'm searching for a german native speaker to have an exchange of mails. I'll receive your mail, copy it and re-send it to you with the corrections 😉

I'm a student at university (and I attend other courses at evening too!) and a worker. So I hope to meet someone that works or attends university who wishes to make the same efforts I'm doing to learn a new language. I'm very serious when working so I'll take it seriously when talking about helping you with the italian language and I expect the same from you.

Is there anybody interested?

Ich bin in derselbe Fall, aber ich bin dumm, ich bedarf Ihre Hilfe!!!
ps: hallo

Hallo 🙂

Ihr könnt mich kontaktieren,wenn ihr Hilfe braucht.

Hallo!! 😁 Danke schon for your reply! Sorry, but I've seen these answers just now! 🙂 you can contact me by private message...I will be veeeeeeeery happy to have an e-mail exchange!
Nous pouvons parler Français et Allemand et Italien, pas de problèmes!

Youpi!!! 😃