Do you know where Slovenia is? :) Politics and governments


yeah :chinese

yes 😃

bahaha of course


Between Ouzhbekistan and Tirdjikistan isn't it ?
Ha Ha ! Of course we know :')

you know most people here actually don't BUT I DO!!! (I have family in Slovenian Littoral region)

It's in the south-north of Europe, I guess 🙂

You have read 'Veronica decides to die' i suppose. In this book Veronica writes in her last letter that the cause of her suicide is that nobody knows where slovenia is.
And just to cheer you up, i will tell you that i do know where your country lies and also its capital etc. it's not so bad then 🙂

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My dog is from Slovenia.

yes 😛

Yes of course!
It's in Europe, near Croatia and Italy. 😃

Oh yes, I know where it is. And because in Slovenia there are some of the most lovely places on earth I have been there many times. For example the mountain Triglav, the river Soca, the lake Bohinj, the town Piran, the karst area with sensational wines like Teran and so on... You simply must love it once you've been there!

It’s near Trieste, in Italy, where I’ve been. I ignore all the rest.

Yes Slovenia is a beautiful country and I really want to go visit Slovenia again 😃