Is there talk of seperation in your country? Politics and governments

I understand this is a very sensitive topic but I'm just curious whats it like throughout the rest of the world. The talk of separation pokes its head out every once in a while here (in Canada)...Your thoughts?

yep hungarian minority wants to take exactly the center of the country ...

and then maybe expand and conquer the whole galaxy..

anyway,if they'll do this , the war will be a sure thing

In Poland Śląsk wants to be independent, what is at least weird in view of their history, they have never had independent country. They are rich region thanks to coal supplies, so they want to be separated from poor rest of my country. so pathetic.

You could think it's unbelievable but here in Italy we talk about separation everyday!!!
we have a political party called Lega Nord born some years ago (about 20 years ago) who wants to separate the North from the rest of the country. the reason is that they think South is not as good as the Notrth in terms of production and also - i think - manners, behaviour and culture...
I think they're crazy... they also hate muslims and strangers (people who come from the East, in general, and from outside of Europe)... they arrive to spread pork's fat (I don'teven know how to translate) in fields to avoid gipsy or muslims to live there...

And the worst is that they support our prime minister, so they govern us...

well my country is already separated now^.^
but actually I don't like North korea and Kim jung ill-_-

I heard about Canada's separation movement, but I never heard about Italy'sO_o!

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Nope, not at all. 🙂

THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!!!! haha jk we haven't had any talk of segregation here in centuries. although you go to texas and it seems like a different country (Love that place)

i'de never heard this, in Italy o_O"
well in algeria too there is a minorityin kabily they want separation from the rest of the cauntry, this region is in the north-east and they're berberian , but i think that would never happend 😁

Hahaha here it's completely opposite to the «South will rise again!» - the Northerns can't take it that the capital is in the centre (which is south to them) and they tend to be a bit neglected when it comes to funds, constructions, job opportunties...
However, more and more voices have been raising about the opposite of separating...we should merge with Spain. Our deceased José Saramago thought that way - but then again, he already lived in Spain... But no, we're not merging with Spain, at least not in the next one hundred years. Anyway, Spain would take us. They've got enough problems as it is!

separatism is trendy at the moment... just look at what focuses the European Council at the moment, destroying countries in small pieces in order to rule more easily over the different peoples. To me it's hateful...