Esperanto Politics and governments

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I was wondering whether some of you have ever heard about esperanto ? If it's the case, what do you think about its political meaning and chance of spreading around the world ?

Esperanto is a constructed language invented in 1887 by Zamenhof, a Polish linguist. It is very simple to learn ; thus its aim was to spread and to become a global second language. Contrary to English, it is not linked to a paticular country : it cannot be a symbol of domination, that is why it should promote international cooperation.
In Europe, several little political parties support it. As for Wikipedia, it declares that there are between 100 000 and 2 million fluent speakers divided amongst 115 countries. Well, it is a wide bracket, for sure, but yet it remains a number far from being low.

For my part, I am trying to learn it by myself on as I really enjoy to learn new languages.

I had another question : it is told to be easy to learn. However, is it really easy for those who use other alphabet ? A Chinese, a Korean, or a Rusian viewpoint would be truly enjoyable 😉

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Esperanto is the easiest language to learn. For Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and other people that use different alphabets, learning Esperanto is more difficult than it is for us. Still, for them, learning Esperanto takes a fraction of the time required to learn English, German, or other European languages. Russians use a different alphabet, but looks that Esperanto is easy enough for them. The best book to learn Esperanto at a high level, "Vojaĝo en Esperanto-lando", was written in Esperanto by Profesoro Boris Kolker, born in Russia. He also wrote other text books in the Russian language.

In my visit to Japan, 2 visits to Korea and 2 visits to China, I was all the time with local people that had learned Esperanto. We were always speaking in Esperanto. No one complained that Esperanto was difficult. A few of them complained about their long time studying English.

Pictures from my last trip to Korea and China:

I can help you and other readers to learn Esperanto. Please look at this page:

On the same page, you will find links to Esperanto videos. They will show you how Esperanto works.

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Indeed, it is soo easy to learn. I haven't studied it for months (because of an important entrance exam) but I can still understand a large part of what I read. Sometimes, I just go and read a randomly-selected article on Wikipedia written in esperanto.
I namely like the word to say "shark" : ŝarko. It reminds me our President. Well, actually, its nickname 😛

It is a good thing if Esperanto is easy to learn for people who use another alphabet ! Zamenhof would be proud to see that it allowed you to travel to so many countries in Asia. But as for me, I think I'll wait a little before travelling like this 😁

I have been to your website, and it is very interesting. I have downloaded some documents, such as "gerda malapris", and I will watch the videos later. Thanks for you work, it is astonishing !

Truth be told, yes it seems that Esperanto is a little bit hard for me.(I'm Japanese) Different alphabet, you know, and many words are originated from Europe.. But I'll try it! But no one around me learn Esperanto, so these days I hesitate to learn or not.

actually i found it pretty hard to learn it (i gave up finally) addition to that , i find it pretty useless as few (compared to the world population) are speaking this language.

Of course, Remus, you cannot learn esperanto for pratical reasons. But it is funny, and a personal manifestation of an ideal. How have you tried to learn it to find it difficult ?
Devanagari >> yes it is a different alphabet than the Japanese, but ... you already speak English, so you can read it ! I think you should try to learn it, or at least the basis, if you like general knowledge and if you have the time. It is a good option, something to study at the same time as your compulsory subjects.

well...many words were similar to those which i already knew (spanish , italian etc.) so i was tending to mix them up..that's why i pretty much gave up