Level of Care Politics and governments

The question is simple:
Do you think that everybody should have the same of care ?
Or do you think that some should be limited ?

As example, should a patient with a heavy mental deficiency as Cerebral Palsy, coming in emergency, be categorized at first look as Class A (everything will be done, Intensive care with intubation and all what is needed) or should we limit us to moderated invasive procedures and comfort cares, considering the condition of the patient ?

There is no question about Eugenics here, do not confuse plz.
Here is a question about the care of people who cannot express themselves (even sometimes do not understand the situation) and are in particular conditions which make wonder about their future.

I just would like to correct that Cerebral Palsy usually affects motion and limb function, and that those with that condition are smart and do understand.

Maybe it is a incorrect translation...
The condition that I wanted to describe is the lack of oxygen during the childbirth, leading to multiple, including motor and mental, disabilities.
But this was only an example to illustrate the discussion.