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I always watch the polish news and I am sometimes very impressed about their politics. I think Poland is very much better now than in past times.
What do you think/know about it?

Which channel do you watch?

TVP info sometimes. I am not sure about all that. Because I always hear different information from different people and I don't know exactly what's going on

so as you know tvp is public tv
public tv is controlled by government so you will hear only how good is in poland and that the government is perfect
of course i dont think that tvp is the only bad channel
tvn and polsat also are giving info they find as good for their buisness (and current government is not in their business) so dont create only opinion by one channel because its just clean propaganda
personally i prefer to see some different web sites on which i can create my own opinion

for me poland is getting worse
of course people can say that we have 500+, almost no taxes for young adults etc...
but its nothing if everything goes expensive
in the past germans went to poland to buy cheaper gas or any other fuel
now poles go to germany because even if its still expensive, its cheaper than in poland
its just an example

Well, you watch the propaganda channel. It's a bullshit. 🙂

I think that politics in Poland is bad, in Poland rule one human and if we want to change it we can chose people who think only about themself. If think polish is better now, but 500+ is very dangerous project, becouse a lot of people stop working and only gender chilldren, so people, who working have to pay for people, who only gender chilldren. That is horible