Death penalty for or against + motivation! Politics and governments

What do you think about the death penalty, still present in many countries and what would you say to these practicing countries?

I like this topic even it’s a little controversial. In Italy it’s be canceled? I know in many countries yes especially europe. In China still not but my personal level I don’t approve it. You know some cases the criminals are very cruel, and what they did is inhumanity. They should be punished. Especially those kill someone deliberately or child sex assault. I really hate this. I think it shouldn’t be canceled. Some people deserve it.

I'm completely against it. I think that we are all humans, are we? And humans are like diamonds: valuable and with multiple sides. Belgium abolished it a couple of years after WWII, and even before that, death penalty was a rare thing and was never practised (with the exception of the 1st years after WWII, in which they persecuted those who collaborated with the Nazis)

For Jesus:
Yes, in Italy the death penalty has been revoked and in theory I am not sure, but in all European countries it has been canceled and it is true that some criminals deserve it. But in my opinion it is also right to make him understand why they were wrong, that is to say it is right without exaggerating, because in any case there are stories of criminals who are said to have been punished to death and then it turned out that they were Innocenti, which is why they are also a little contrary because you put that person is innocent and therefore what the State does What repays with money the family of the innocent person !?

For Tibono2000:
Yes, it is true that we are all human beings and you are right about the fact that life is precious because if someone takes it away from an innocent Well, you can't bring it back to life and no matter how serious the mistake you made for two reasons, 1 there is life imprisonment, where wuata person has all his life in front of him to repent, to apologize and to understand and 2 there is forgiveness, because there really are people whose loved one has been taken away who have forgiven the their killer.

To Swagdab,
Yes in Europe all the countries revoke the death penalty, it's a condition sine qua non to apply for non-European Countries.

To Tibono2000,
A diamond need work to be as shinny and beautiful as you see it. And in this process, you lost inexorably some material.
I'm agree with your metaphor, to have a shinny, beautiful and valuable diamond, with multiple sides as you describe, you have to erase some unwanted material...
Be smart, humans are humans and if you had, at least, some basics in Statistics, you will know that, following the "Laplace–Gauss distribution", some people will inexorably NEVER enter and accept the fundamentals of a society.
Then, there are 3 choices: The death penalty, the life-imprisonment, or the freedom of these criminals...

About Death-penalty: It is quick, with a concrete penalty to announce at the victim-family (they know that the criminal will never escape or being free anymore), economically interesting (your society safe LOTS OF money, you can't imagine the cost of a prisoner).
About Life-imprisonment: It is not as human as you may think, being locked in a cell without any possibilities of freedom (which can be associate with the second step of "Maslow's hierarchy of needs"), it is economically hard to assume for the state, and some criminal will never learn nor questioning themselves.
About unconditional-Freedom: Huum, ok... need explanation ... ?

If you're not pro, there is 2 possibilities: 1) You live in a child world, with dad and mom that take care of anything for you and your world can be resume as full a good guys 2) Your principles blind your judgement and the real life that evolve around you.

Well, if we speaking about peacefull time in country where presidents and politicians with power actualy changing (I know sounds like some silly childhood fantasy), where politicians with power use it to make people's life better and their country stronger but not to drain all money people have, media persons don't convince nathion that their country is the best in the world, that USA want to destory them, that Europ rots due to thier European values and those who disagree are USA agents, Police aromred with full body armor and armed with shields, batons, shockers and pepper gas atack teenagers, old men and women and civilian people who didn't believe propagandists and go to protest. ...
Yes, in case of countries like Italy or Belgium or any other similar country death penalty is too cruel, but there human beings whose greed and sadism make suffer whole nations and in their case death penalty maybe even not enough.
No mercy to the enemies of freedom.
P.S. I hope one day there will not be such crimes that deserve death penalty, but for now it's reality only in western, north, south Europe and few other countries.

I'm sorry to tell you that but even in these countries, there will be always bad people.
Humans are, like I said, humans. There is a phrase in Latin that I really appreciate and explain clearly what we are speaking about:
"Lupus Pilum Mutat Non Mentem" ("The wolf change his fur but not his spirit"). No matters what, there will always be criminals, rapist, murderer, child abuser, robber using violence, ...
And if you decide to ease life with a better education, better salaries, ... You will only ease their job.
No matters the wealth people can be earn, there will be always some persons for who it will be not enough and will try to thief their neighbors 😉
As I said, humanity is governed by the Biology, which is partially governed by statistics, which say that if you had a population, there will be always some extraordinary people. Some will be good, with unbelievable generosity, others will be bad, with unbelievable cruelty... That's how it works !
So, you can close your eyes while your pockets are being robbed, or open them to see and act in proportion ...

I find cute the child's vision of the world that some people keep all their life. But that is also one of the most egoist opinion that exist: With the argument of Humanity and blinded opinion, they block a protective system of the society. Wish talk with them after their sister, mother, ... would be raped and murdered to see their changing mind... or their stubbornness in their opinions.

You are all right, that sometimes the death penalty is not enough for certain crimes, but I hope one day to be able to live in a world of peace and without problems other than crime.
I do not know if you have ever seen Death note, but those who have seen it tell me what you think of Light Yagami, or Kira, for those who have not seen it you look at it because besides being beautiful for my taste, it also treats the topic on the death penalty.
However I would like to talk with you about other issues such as racism, the problem of migrants, the problem of rights, poverty, the environment, abortion, etc.
In addition I was going to open a blog to raise awareness, so I would be grateful for your support, after all we can do something in small to save the world from all the rotten created by the men themselves, moreover "nothing is created, nothing it is destroyed, but everything is transformed ".

death penalty is useful to get rid of turkish, indian and arab rapists

I don’t believe in punishment, in any value in it. I don’t see any usage in death penalty. At worse you can still emprison people (but then I’m against prison, but different issue): most prison make prisonners work so if productive enough the prison doesn’t really cost anything, it’s just a company like another, whose primary resource is “removing human rights to people coming in with few enough moral reputation”. Each human is usually capable of something, so killing it is not worth anything, it’s a total loss.