Are you tolerant of orientation? Politics and governments

I know it is a very controversial topic, but more and more is said about it. What is your opinion on this? Is equality parade necessary for you? Or do you feel disgusted when seeing gays on the street? Many countries still refuse to accept same-sex marriage, what do you think about this? And what do you think about the adoption of children by homosexuals?

I think it's pretty ridiculous to limit someone simply because of their sexual preferences, it's like sending a person into exile simply because they like the color blue and not the red one. It has nothing to do with one thing, with whom you lie does not make you better or worse, nor more respectful or more sensible, nor more responsible, nor with good moral values. I think all the controversy that exists is ridiculous, it deviates from what really matters to discuss and review. I`m in favor of homosexual marriage and adoption. Why should not they be able? The only thing a child needs is love, support and protection, things that have nothing to do with whether their parents are of the same sex or not. I think they should focus on respecting others and not impose their tastes on others, because in the end the discussion "for or against homosexuals" is a discussion about tastes, not something moral or whatever people want to call it hypocritically.

I believe that men and women have different needs, aspirations, and strengths, despite what our new western world of limitless consumerism wants us to believe. I also believe in gender roles in society (no it doesn't mean I'm against equality of rights between men/women). I believe a mother and a father benefit a child in essential complementary ways as they're growing up, therefore I'm not in favor of adoption by homosexuals. It doesn't mean they're bad people or not loving, but merely that mother/father figures aren't interchangeable and play a key part in the development of a young child.

I'm also not in favor or marriage because it is first and foremost a family institution, in which its members are connected by blood. Therefore homosexuals are unable to form a family. I still think they should have the right to officialize their union in a civil way. But they are technically a household with a civil bound rather than a family in the true sense of the word.

Lastly, I believe sexual orientation is strictly personal. For example as an employer I wouldn't want to know the sexual orientation of my employees. It's pretty much always irrelevant. Because of this, I would consider myself tolerant and wouldn't treat a fellow citizen any differently.

I am supportive. While gender and sexuality are incredibly intimate, private and sensitive subjects, I understand the necessity of LGBTQ+ persons to be vocal on these subjects given the centuries of oppression and ostracism they have experienced at the hands of families, schools, societies and so on. That's why I don't mind LGBTQ+ expression in open spaces, such as parades etc. It's hard to judge when you understand where somebody comes from and acknowledge the pain they have experienced.

It appears that every country that still opposes same-sex marriages and adoption is strongly motivated by the religious beliefs of its citizens. The way religion has shaped the image of family, gender and sexuality stands to this day. That being said, I support same-sex marriages, living together / having children without being married, adoption by homosexual families etc. It's all a personal choice and as long as the parties involved maintain their legal duties to the country, it shouldn't have a say in their private lives. Furthermore, it makes sense to me that two healthy-minded, mature individuals have the opportunity to give a home, family and love to a child (or children) that would otherwise spend their childhood in an orphanage.

Generally speaking, my motto is: live and let live. 😃

Generally I don't mind. The only problem is when they want to make "their own" child, something that will never be theirs, in any case ahaah
Then watching 2 men kissing each other gives me that feeling of anti-aesthetic... but that's all.

If it makes them happy who cares? I just don't see why need a parade every year. I'm asexual you don't see me down the street with a confetti cannon each year. Or maybe I should O_o if you want to be heard stop shouting all the time, it just becomes noise.

Love is love I think.
I think everyone lives better when loved.
One restiction for me: pedofilia. I can't tolerate that.

Raising a child: i think same sex couples are a prefered rolemodel over single parenting which is at a high rise in my country. Showing love, respect, support and compassion for your partner is the best rolemodel for any child.

I forgot to mention my view on same sex parents. Well I personally think someone has to take the unwanted monsters I mean children and raise them properly with tolerence and such, but I also believe the parents should be ready for the Where's mummy/daddy?, why don't I have a mum/dad? and of course the excessive bullying, children are monsters it's in there nature. Parents must be ready for it all. And it's worse if it's same sex partners.

Every parent is doing their best to hide the 'sexy' bit of the relationship from their children. Me too. Child in the hallway = the total and instant end of adult romantic playtime. I think mothers might mind this even more than dads? No different for same sex couples.

The top reason why in this 21th century children STILL ask where babies come from and how they are made and is parents still give crap answer. 😉 LOL

I am especially for same-sex marriages, because I think it's not natural and bizzare because at the most primary level of human, it is reproduction. I would desire not to "rock the boat, but I would not rush to defend their interests either.