Predujice in your land Politics and governments

Hey, i was wondering what the most populair prejudices are in your land. I live in the Netherlands and there is Gay a common prejudice. Also other LGBT+ is a prejudice. What is it in your country?

Maphia, spaghetti and Mandoline

refugees, people with another skin color (they are not so common in Poland), thugs, poor and homeless people (like they would steal sth etc)

rude, always drinking beer and eating sausages, wearing Dirndl and Lederhosen, Oktoberfest, great cars, obsessed with soccer, rules, very direct, always on time

some of that is true 😃 We do like our beer and our Bratwurst but we don't eat or drink it all the time. Also I think people sometimes mistake Germany for Bavaria (which is a part of Germany) but even there people usually only wear Dirndl and Lederhosen for Oktoberfest or other celebrations and not on a daily basis. We do like our rules, yes, but we are not always on time... At least our trains aren't... never....Deutsche Bahn sucks 😃 And we are pretty direct which some people can interpret as rude but we don't want to hurt anyones feelings. We usually just say what comes to our minds.

Many people in the USA are paranoid about Muslims especially from the Middle East. The terrorist mentality.

We don't have that much prejudice in Iran. I don't talk about the government and propaganda about the US or Israel, I'm talking about people.

But we face a lot of prejudice, as most people think that Iran is a desert, people ride camels and live in tents.
They think there's war in Iran, terrorism and someone blowing himself up every 10 minutes.
They also think that we Iranians are dangerous, think we're Arabs and think we speak Arabic.

Not many nice things... :/

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That everyone who crosses the Swedish border will be exactly like the typical Swede and there will be no problems and conflicts, the thought that everyone want to 'become Swedish' if they migrate here.