Syria Politics and governments

how can you end the conflict and bring the country back to a stable position?

it just does not take anything to look away and not help

what do you think about that?

Man has been fighting since the beginning of time. If there was an answer we would have found it by now. The best we can hope for is a quick end to the war so that those who remain can rebuild what is left. At one time I thought that peace on Earth was possible but then I learned that people hated me because I am a white person, others hate me because I am a Christian. I no longer believe in peace. I believe in being strong so others know that I am peaceful by choice. The Bible says “fear not.”

Good day. Not

best everyone builds a bunker and hide us until it's over? I am German and we know exactly what we have done wrong and try our mistake back away and it is when you have the sake!

It is our destiny to explore space


Yea you'r right we should do something shouldn't we. To think nothing can be done is our choice and choices matter in this life.

I think you give up to help then we give up our humanity

you mean when we give up helping we give up humanity

I think the capitalist system is realistic in the long run, as riches always get rich and poor get poorer

😢😢😢no words ,

That's why we have to stick together
Abbi 🙂

why I am here

really dangerous a country.. There are too many Syrian refugees in Turkey

I wonder why