Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech Politics and governments

Read it to the end, PLEASE!
My greeting to all of free people and those who want to be! Some days ago a person who I didn't want to mention his name at first had an interview in BBC Chanel and started to say a lot of wrong and lie things about IR.Iran in a way that most of analysts thought he doesn't know anything about Iran and it's ancient civilization. But I said to myself why not to mention? He's Benjamin Netanyahu." Iranian people can't wear jeans because their government and their religion don't let them!" he said, "They can't listen to western music. if Iranians were good at choosing, they wouldn't have chosen Hasan Rowhani (Iran's chosen president)! Their election is unaccepted." And a lot of other lies about our researches to attain nuclear weapon.
What a false idea! Full of lies! I'm an Iranian and Muslim boy! I wear JEANS, I listen to western music. He has to respect to our choice. I don't mind who you are reading this post. But I know this. You are a human, you have brain to think. If I ask you that killing an innocent baby is good or bad? What will you say? Every day more than 10 people are killed in Gaza, more than 10 people are arrested by Israeli troops. You know why? Because they want to secure their house, moms and their sisters. Do you call that peace? Isn't it vandalism? I'm so sorry for some nations that think this nation (of course they aren't a nation) is the most democratic place in Middle East. In the hope that one day all of Palestinian people and those people in all around the world who are dying and bleeding under the pressure of cruelty become free! AMEN
I just found myself responsible as a human and Iranian and Muslim person to write this post and say his speech about Iran was full of lies and the truth is so far away from what he said! I think it's hard for you to believe this. But this is the truth. Thank you because of reading my words!

Well Javad, what you said is your opinion, some of it is true and some isn't. My name is Ben. I'm American, Jewish. I've been to the middle east many times. I've also met Netanyahu and talked to him before. You have to understand where he is coming from. We all want peace. Netanyahu got that information based on an Iranian survey. He didn't just lie and say Iranians cant wear jeans or listen to western music. That information was given to him by Iranians. You may be able to wear jeans and listen to music, but some people in your country don't have that freedom. You are right about Netanyahu being wrong about choosing president. That was Iran's decision. And nuclear research is true. Most middle eastern countries are trying to gain in nuclear power because they can Afford it. Oil Money, petrol, is all over the middle east providing money for nuclear research/weapons. Iran isn't the only country. Israel is doing it too. So getting weapons is beside the point because all the countries are trying get them. Okey, I've been to the Gaza Strip. It's not just Israelis killing people for fun. It's people attacking and the Israeli military has to control it. okey. That is a fact. If you don't believe me, go there yourself. It's not fun hearing gun shots yards away from you. Also the israelis and palestinians constantly fight over stupid things. I have a lot of palestinian friends and they say " don't care about politics, just live a regular life and no one cares and everything is fine." Also, everyone in the middle east are brothers, so there is no point in fighting or bickering. The main point of this is, Netanyahu did not completely LIE. Some of what he said was true. The rest of it, is his opinion on the matter. Javad, you have to look where he gets his resources from before you say hes lying. I have a few Muslim friends in Iran. Their parents don't let them listen to western music or wear western clothes. The only thing they let them use is a computer and cell phone. They said its so they don't lose their roots/heritage and their religion. I respect that. I want to talk more about this type of stuff Javad. 🙂 Talk to you soon brother, stay blessed 🙂

The actual horrible situation in Palestine would be a lesson to everybody about the absurdity of religions. According to the Bible , this holy book that is the base of the three monotheists religions, God gave the country of Canaan to the Hebrew and allowed them to killed all the population who was already living in this place. It's very well specified : men , women, children, oldsters and even animals. After the massacre it's also written that the cities must be entirely destroyed. So when you read this horror since your childhood and convinced it's God words, you have no problems if you are Israeli like Benjamin Netanyahu to eliminate Palestinian. There is fanatics in the two sides but I'm obliged to note that for the moment Israelis killed more than the Palestinians. As nobody in each side want to admit that, I don't see the end of the grief. This land is called the holy land but in reality it's rather the cursed land. This situation can last during the next centuries. Nobody want to forgive and make concession to the other. If I was an ordinary person in this part of planet I would be surely in one side and would hate the other. The actual events let thinking that the hate will increase. I must admit also that religion is not the only problem.