As World War II affected your destiny? Politics and governments

Third Reich theme relevant, sad and serious, and to this day ... For each country, the city, the war has changed the lives of the family ... In my example, my grandfather was sent to the 1942nd in Rybinsk, methods where I live and my father lived, his great-grandfather was killed by German soldiers ... But if it were not for the war, I would nkogda does not, as we say the two sides of the coin, is not it? Since the war affected your family? And what do you think of Hitler's party?

I guess for Russian people the Victory day is still one of the most important days. This war killed a lot of people, leaving a scar on few further geneations. As to my family, we didn't really get affected very much, but still. My great grand-ma stucked in Leningrad, when it was surrounded. She was extremly lucky to get out of there, people fainting on the streets because of hunger, however, she got that opportunity only because of her young age. My great grand-pa, who lived in the South of Russia, participated in war, he was using his tractor to move artillery and stuff, bravely moving under the gunning. He went the whole 4-year way from Kuban river to Berlin and recieved 3 different medals for bravery. However, his brother got killed in the very beginning.