Scottish independence/ independence movements across Europe Politics and governments

In 2014 there will be a referendum on Scottish independence. With other regions in Europe following Scotland's example, does this mean a large scale break up of hundred year old countries.

Do you think, as a Scot, that the referendum will be in favour of Scottish independence? And what other European regions are seriously considering taking such measures? (just asking because I don't really know any apart from let's say Basque Country and Catalonia in Spain)

I think the way the polls are going it will be a yes vote. ( I am led to belive, but i may be wrong) that there are a couple of movements across Europe. First there is, as you mentioned, Catalonia. It is seaking to hold a referendum on the issue. Then their is the Basque Country. There is a movement in Italy to make the north independent. And in Belgium there is stuff happening between the Flemish and Walloons. But I think Scottish independence will serve as an example for others to follow, it has been suggested that it would cause a domino effect across Europe.

I'm only thinking about the Kosovo independence in 2008 which didn't really create any domino effect, so even if Scotland will split I doubt any other region will do so until the end of this decade.

Separatism are only promoted by the same people who built their Europe. Dividing for ruling over the others. French Political Sciences Doctor Pierre Hillard wrote different books about all the european (and specially germans) institutions following this goal, seperatism. You should get some infos about that.

I wish scottish were more courageous and took independance before to be tricked into brexit (against which they were likely the only ones…), so they stayed in europe…

Then with the current problems about keeping all ireland in europe, we could drive this shit into driving walles to join too 😆

And Brittanny to gain independance and join them, celtic countries could share a federation 😆

Then, maybe Euskara, Catalunya, Brittany, etc. could join together to gain indpendence, and *afterward* build a more federal “europe”. One where you’d have a celtic federation (irland (entire one), walles, brittany, cornouailles, manx…) inside a european federation, crossing with a mediteranean federation, itself crossing with african and arab federations, etc. (yeah we can also link that to democracy-eager movements in north-africa)…

Also we could make french-speaking federations between what would then be brittany, euskara, belgium, switzerland, maybe even parts of africa and canada… in the end that’d be an occasion to build more union… if only said unions were more flexible and free…